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CryptoFx Reviews is a comprehensive review site dedicated to giving crypto, forex and blockchain enthusiasts a reliable, transparent and knowledgeable resource centre.

The team behind CryptoFX Reviews, after years of professional experience in forex and crypto trading, recognized the need for a trustworthy, unbiased review site written by real people, for real people.

We set up CryptoFX Reviews to bring transparency to a complicated and crowded field. The site is designed specifically to provide as much assistance and guidance as possible to those who want to know more about Forex and crypto trading.

By enabling only verified reviews, the CryptoFX Reviews strategy is to give users as much trusted information so that users can then go on to select the best crypto and forex product or service that suits their specific needs.



All the reviews are from real verified people.



Comprehensive FX and Crypto resource center.




Experienced professional editors giving guidance and assistance.


“Trust but verify.”

Ronald Reagan

Our Mission

The CryptoFX Reviews mission is clear – to provide transparency and trust in the crypto, forex and blockchain spheres. We want to provide objectivity, credibility and professionalism so people can make better, more informed choices when deciding upon a product or service.

Transparency and trust are the two foundation stones CryptoFX Reviews is built on. That is why it is very important to us that only real reviews written by real people are used. Reviews, which good or bad, can be used by others in the decision-making process.

For us, with our years of experience in the difficult and ever-changing forex and crypto worlds, to pass on the lessons learned, the knowledge and the experience, is our duty. CryptoFX Reviews encourages others, real verified people, to do the same. That way we can realise our dream of building a trusted, comprehensive, and transparent resource center for all things crypto, FX and blockchain.

Trust is Key

How it Works

Anyone is welcome to visit the site free of charge, read the reviews and benefit from the experiences and recommendations of others.

 To add a recommendation or review, or just to share your own personal experience, simply complete a short identification process, and be verified by the CryptoFX Reviews team. Once confirmed, you are free to access the site and leave your reviews.

Only those verified by CryptoFXReviews can write reviews and recommendations. This is to ensure trust and transparency, and our way of guaranteeing the credibility of the site.

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All the reviews and recommendations are made by real people just like you, verified by the CryptoFX Reviews team. Find out what others say and make better purchasing decisions in the crypto, FX and blockchain worlds.

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From the very beginning, providing trusted and objective reviews has been central to the core of CryptoFX Reviews. Unfortunately, all too often, false and biased information is posted on the net in order to damage or boost reputations.

CryproFX Review ensures that only verified and reliable information gets posted, meaning:

No Fake Reviews

Real Reviews by verified people.

No False Information

All information is correct and reliablet.

No Scam Recommendations

Objectivity in Recommendationst.

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“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”
Santosh Kalwar

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Questions And Answers

Yes, all reviews, recommendations and responses on this site are from real people, verified by the CryptoFX Reviews team.

You can add a review or share your experience once the simple registration process has been completed and you receive a confirmation email.

Our experienced team of trading professionals do everything they can to ensure only correct and verified information is published on the CryptoFX Revews site. We reserve the right to remove any information we believe to be false.

The site does not provide recommendations for buying, selling or trading and all the responsibility for using the products or services is on the users.

Companies interested in joining our service are invited to subscribe to the website and contact us for further details.

Due to data protection and GDPR laws we are unable to publish user details.

Many brokers monitor our site and respond to questions and complaints made here by real traders.

Absolutely. If you have a product or service you would like us to include in our reviews, please feel free to contact us (link to contact us page).

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