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Gordon Zack

Gordon Zack is a multi-asset exchange that lets users buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, stocks, and indices.

Gordon Zack also has a Trading Academy where you can learn the fundamentals of trading, as well as techniques and technical analysis. Gordon Zack now has over 500 assets available, with more being uploaded frequently. We looked at Gordon Zack’s platform, fees, user experience, customer care, crypto assets accessible, and more to see if it’s a good fit for crypto or stock investors and traders.

Gordon Zack Company Overview

Gordon Zack Company Overview

Gordon Zack is a dominant player in STP execution for private traders and family offices. They take pleasure in keeping exclusive ties with a small number of clients and maintaining a favorable employee-to-customer ratio in order to provide the finest service possible. The bottom line and the client’s interests are synonymous at GZ.

Gordon Zack works flawlessly all around the world, providing a safe and secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While Gordon Zack allows users to convert between “basic” and “advanced” trading features, it is most known for its beginner trading platform. In addition to excellent charting, Gordon Zack has reduced trading fees than other crypto exchanges.

Safe and Secure

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How does Gordon Zack Work?

How does Gordon Zack Work?

cryptocurrency exchange

Gordon Zack is a cryptocurrency exchange run by a third party that connects buyers and sellers. To use the site, you must first create an account and deposit dollars. You can buy over 500 assets once your account is funded, which is ideal for those who desire a broad portfolio.

If you want to keep your cryptocurrencies and equities as a long-term investment, you can either keep them in your online account or withdraw them to a private wallet.

Does Gordon Trading Experience

Does Gordon Trading Experience

Does Gordon Zack have a wallet?

Gordon Zack’s “Buy Crypto” option, intended at inexperienced investors, provides an easy purchase experience. Users can use a credit or debit card to make quick purchases or trade any cryptocurrency in their account. Users can acquire crypto using a linked credit or debit card or with a linked wallet with these immediate purchases.

Users can deposit payments directly to Gordon Zack, such as US dollars or crypto assets, to save expenses. Users are only charged fees for trades based on a maker-taker arrangement, which dramatically reduces fees.

Users can use the simple user interface to buy or sell cryptocurrency using limit or market orders. More trade choices are available with Advanced charting, including leveraged trading (using margin), stop losses, and order scheduling.

Does Gordon Zack have a wallet?

The Gordon Zack wallet is essentially an online wallet provided by a third party.

Users can deposit payments directly to Gordon Zack

Gordon Zack's "Buy Crypto" option

Gordon Zack’s Customer Service

Gordon Zack’s Customer Service

Customer Support

Gordon Zack’s website bot provides live chat service 24/7. In the crypto exchange market, this is unusual, as most providers only provide email assistance during office hours. Gordon Zack also provides users with phone and email support, however it is only available Monday through Friday.

On its website, Gordon Zack also has a large library of help articles as well as user education materials.

Is your cryptocurrency safe with Gordon Zack?

To secure the crypto assets housed on its exchange, Gordon Zack has worked with a company called positiveSSL. This includes Lockton insurance against crimes like hacking. It also has a scheme in place to encourage ethical hackers to disclose any system flaws.

According to Gordon Zack, the company keeps customer assets in cold storage elsewhere (which makes it harder to hack). It needs to maintain some funds online in hot wallets so consumers can make withdrawals and trades, but knowing what percentage is held where would be helpful.

Gordon Zack’s user-level protection is likewise superb. Users are encouraged to set up two-factor authentication and a secondary password for trading on the platform. To further safeguard you from phishing attacks, you can also specify safety phrases that will appear in any emails from Gordon Zack.

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Is Gordon Zack right for you?

Is Gordon Zack right for you?

Customer Satisfaction
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While Gordon Zack includes tools, products, and information for new crypto investors, the rest of its services are geared toward more experienced investors. If you're satisfied with a simple yet feature-rich interface and want access to a wide selection of investing alternatives, Gordon Zack offers a best and reasonable cost experience.



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