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cofinancial is a Forex and CFD (Difference Contracts) broker that stands out for its extensive scope, wide catalog of assets and various measures to protect the operator. cofinancial has a presence in different countries and currently carries out its activities in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.  Another aspect that stands out to the company is its extensive portfolio is that cofinancial currently has a catalog of more than 50 currency pairs and CFDs on different assets such as indices, stocks and commodities.


cofinancial is a company specialized in offering trading services to all kinds of users: retail operators or institutional clients. This broker has been characterized over the years for offering an excellent quality service. So much so that, according to a survey among its users, 95% of people give good company recommendations. cofinancial is a broker without a trading desk and therefore there is no human intervention whatsoever in the execution of trades.

Since it is a broker without an operating table, it has a fully automated routing system that guarantees the highest execution standard, keeping latency, spreads and slippage to a minimum.

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